BIM technology

BIM technology in CAD programs and import of IFC format
files in CYPECAD MEP
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The philosophy behind CAD programs with BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology is to integrate all the information required to carry out a construction project in its initial phases, in such a way that this information is then available to other applications to resolve the other phases of the construction project. The flow of information from the CAD/BIM programs to other applications is done via IFC format interchange files.

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format files are open standard files and are not controlled by any software manufacturer. They were developed by the IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability) with the aim to become a standard with which building information models could be shared easily in the construction sector.

This way, the data introduction process is simplified and each software application that intervenes in the project does not require complete data introduction; it can use the data that has been introduced in the CAD/BIM program, consequently reducing errors and saving time.

BIM technology has been implemented in the main CAD programs (Allplan, Archicad and Revit Architecture) and its evolution will offer users substantial improvements in the complete development of their projects.

At CYPE, aware of this evolution in the elaboration process of construction projects, the module: Import CAD/BIM models, has been developed, which allows for IFC format files to be imported (IFC2x3 standard) to CYPECAD MEP. The Automatic job introduction: DXF, DWG and CAD/BIM models module has also been implemented, which allows for IFC format files (IFC2x3) to be imported to CYPECAD.

The import of IFC format files allows CYPECAD MEP to access the information of programs with BIM technology, and therefore, incorporate all the construction elements making up the building automatically.

During the building design process, the exact composition of the façades and partitions (conductivity properties of each layer, position of the vapour control layer, thermal bridges etc.) are not specified in the CAD/BIM program. For this reason, CYPECAD MEP incorporates an IFC model import assistant, which allows users to automatically assign the properties of the façades, partitions, floor slabs, roof, windows, etc.cypecad_mep_bim_ifc cypecad_mep_bim_ifc

This way, the CAD/BIM program user is not obliged to carry out a detailed description of each element and the design and technical specification phases of each component are separated effectively.

As the contents of the materials, manufacturer, etc. databases of the CAD/BIM programs increase, CYPE programs will also broaden the import possibilities of the available information.

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